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King David’s Guitar

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King David’s Guitar

The harp of King David had 7 strings, yet the harp of Moshiach will have eight.
Harp, Music; Song, Moshiach and the Future Redemption, King David

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Roberto Brazil April 2, 2022

Amazing!!! Reply

Anonymous May 24, 2020

I heard that King David's instrument had five strings to correspond to the five Chumashim. Is this accurate and what is the source? Reply

Emmanuel Avila Miami, FL February 7, 2020

I love this video. It has enlightened me, and helped me progress in my life. Thank you. Reply

Brenton Rahm November 6, 2018

Beautiful joint midrash, gentlemen. Waiting is the hardest part, as Tom Petty famously said lol. While waiting expectantly and asking ourselves why Geulah is becoming more tangible but still somehow moshiach's presence is imperceptible, it is good to remember this: to moshiach, his mission is feeling more accomplished in his perception, yet somehow his acceptance among the Yidden is still imperceptible to him. Reply

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