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What is "The World to Come"

Defining the Rabbinical Expression "Olam HaBah"

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What is "The World to Come": Defining the Rabbinical Expression "Olam HaBah"

What is the "World to Come"? What are "The Days of Moshiach"? What is Gan Eden? Defining these terms according to the divergent opinions of Maimonides and Nachmanides.
Moshiach and the Future Redemption, World To Come

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Peter April 13, 2023

i found this page quite by accident, my grandfather’s grandmother was a German jew and i am nearly old enough to be dead - my entire family being goyim based in England - fought in WWII against the nazis - one brother moved to Canada afterwards, and here i am, and yet Judaism has somehow always called me

how i wish i was jewish Reply

SHARON BAIN California June 15, 2023
in response to Peter:

Because you have Jewish roots through your grandfathers grandmother. During years of persecution many people tried to assimilate. Sounds like that may have happened for you.
DNA from can test you for whether you have Jewish roots. Which will give you the answer. You may be Jewish. Brachot and shalom Reply

Anonymous Columbia April 6, 2020

The basis for a world to come is human opinion? Reply