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“Moshiach NOW?”

Why we faithfully await and anticipate his coming

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“Moshiach NOW?” : Why we faithfully await and anticipate his coming

Drawing on an array of classical sources, this class sets out to clearly define the essence of the Torah mandated faith in global redemption to be brought about by an anointed Jewish King. Clarifying exactly what we are supposed to believe in and why this information is of foundational importance and relevance. You'll also discover how this faith is supposed to be acted on a daily basis, and why there's a critical need to not only believe, but actively await his arrival.
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Moshiach and the Future Redemption, Redemption, Yearning for and Anticipating

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Sara Metzger Sacramento August 24, 2017

So if a Jew doesn't believe (in the 13 principles) or in general, doesn't believe, that person will not go to Olam Habah according to Gemarah? Reply

cam judd August 25, 2017

Good to see chabad quickly producing material based on trending discussions.
On trend and on the job.
Go chabad, nothing can stop you.
Cam Reply