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“Moshiach WHO?”

Profound analysis of the redeemer’s name and persona

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“Moshiach WHO?” : Profound analysis of the redeemer’s name and persona

Delving into the scriptural origin and deeper meaning of the official name of our long awaited Jewish savior, “Moshiach”, serves to set into motion a surprising journey of redemptive discovery. Based on a wide range of source material, by better understanding his official title, we are able to reveal the surprising duel personality of the man who will soon usher in permanent global transformation. This class will enable you to positively ID the elusive “M” man!
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Neshamah Kelalit; Nasi HaDor, Monarch; Monarchy, Moshiach and the Future Redemption

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1 Comment
Hamakom Nisraf Yosef Rahm Middle of Nowhere, Stranded, Bus Ticket But I Never Make The Bus August 14, 2019

Not enough data on my phone to finish this shiur. Unfortunate! This so far has been a beautiful explanation of some very elusive information. Every now and then somebody takes the temperature of Klal Yisrael to figure whether anyone is ready. The People are those to anoint and confer authority, yet it is only HaShem Who may determine whom to send, and only the king HaShem shall Choose may be moshiach, regardless of any anointing by Am Yisrael. Reply