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Gender Roles in Prayer

The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 4

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Gender Roles in Prayer: The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 4

Differences between the ways in which men and women pray.
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Tziporah Ashland,Oregon.U.S.A. February 15, 2016

Gender and Prayer I am so moved, my tears can not speak any thing but Thank You. Reply

Anonymous calgary April 24, 2014

Oh my, how clearer would I want things? Reply

Anonymous Berlin May 10, 2013

Thank you for the whole lectures! Reply

pedroq quz September 29, 2012

beatiful so clear , thank you for the explanation... so speak so well and simple.... any dummy can understand what you speak... Reply

Irene Glen Burnie, Md USA June 24, 2012

Jewish prayer series Shalom:

This series was so very interesting. Thank you for sharing this wonderful teaching.

G-d's blessings be upon you. Reply

Rhema Flowers Chino, CA May 26, 2011

Very inspiring!! Thank you Rabbi Gurkow. I can say from experience that all you hoped at the end of your series came true for me! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was informative and I was inspired. There are so many things that I plan to take and adapt into my personal life. Thank you for sharing! Reply

Chaim Bugalski Melbourne, Australia December 25, 2010

The Jew and Prayer series. Thank you this excellent series and the easily undertood manner in which it was presented.
Now that we understand that the origional and best way of prayer, is from ones heart and soul, it may start a rethink in people.
Thank you also, for illuminating a difference between women and men, which may help to break down the barriers of undertanding we have of each other. Reply

Shafeek Ariel Camuy, Puerto Rico September 6, 2010

Thank you for explaining the important role of the woman in Jewish prayer and life. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan September 5, 2010

Very educational spiritually practically Thank you for this series of classes. They are spiritual as well as practical. The class for gender roles was especially educational. The essence of the difference between a man and a woman was very well explained and cleared misunderstanding. Thank you again for this spiritual and practical norishment. I was satisfied to be a female, but with this class, my appreciation for Almigh-y was elevated. Reply

Anonymous September 5, 2010

Gender Roles in Prayer i can tell you that if G-d did not make either gender we would not be here today. Thank you G-d for creating women. Reply

Basha Reiss Naperville, Illinois September 5, 2010

Gender Roles in Prayer Thank you for the affirming insights into the differences but equality of men and women. Reply

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