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How Prayer Evolved

Mystical Secrets on Prayer and Meditation

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How Prayer Evolved: Mystical Secrets on Prayer and Meditation

Over 3000 years ago the very first Jew meditated and talked to G-d. Ever since then, through our prayers, we’ve focused and meditated on G-d’s greatness.

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Erika Kish Canada September 1, 2015

Shifra is awesome and she inspires me with her lecture She will always give the answer if you finish listening. I personally have learned so much from listening to her . She drops thouse wonderful Perls of knowledge one so seldom hears in her natural uncomplicated way. She is truly gifted I want to hear much more from her in the future. Reply

AJB Australia August 17, 2015

How prayer evolved? I listened to the first few minutes only - frustrated that the leader did not repeat the answers to questions that she asked. I may go back to it ... maybe. Reply

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