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Tackling the Barriers

Verses of Praise--The Prayer of Pesukei d'Zimra


Tackling the Barriers: Verses of Praise--The Prayer of Pesukei d'Zimra

There is a big castle that is surrounded by thorn bushes that we need to chop down in order to clear our path to get inside. The verses of praise, ‘pesukei d'zimra’, are those prayers that help us "chop down" and clear away all those external barriers that distract us, in order to give us access to the castle of our inner selves and souls.
Prayer, Pesukei d'Zimra

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Rolando VA August 18, 2015

I got further insight on Psalm 19: 1 " The heavens declare the glory of God;" what a profound truth, a powerful truth to meditate on.
Also, our relationship with G-d is a "command" to come to Him in prayer.
Thank you. Reply

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