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The Power of Prayer

Chana’s Prayer and Rosh Hashanah

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The Power of Prayer: Chana’s Prayer and Rosh Hashanah

On Rosh Hashana we read in the Haftorah about the birth of the prophet Samuel. Childless for many years, one year on Rosh Hashana, his mother Chana offered a prayer that elicited the Divine blessing resulting in his birth. The Talmud states that Chana's prayer is the model which all prayer aught emulate. This class will explain how to access the awesome power of prayer any time and especially on Rosh Hashana. (Likutei Sichos vol. 29, p.182)
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Art Wyckoff July 24, 2019

Loving what you do! Rabbi—your students and congregants will always enjoy and learn more from you due to the twinkle in your eyes that always seems to be there in your videos through out your course! May you never lose that joy of life. Reply

Moishe New July 25, 2019
in response to Art Wyckoff :

Thank you Art for your kind words. Much appreciated. G-d bless. Reply

Eugina G. Herrera New York City, New York November 26, 2016

Very Spiritual Thank you for sharing this beautiful discussion. Reply

Joshua Richardson, TX January 15, 2016

Is this true? Is this true? Is there actually a God? Does he hear us? Do our prayers have any effect on how life and things turn out? Is there anyone NOT in the Torah or Tanakh, someone here in this day and age, who has prayed to God, and got what they asked for? I am in the midst of the most difficult time of my life. I pray constantly that my wife leave the other man, and return to me. That I get to go home to my wife and children. The other man isn't even Jewish. I pray constantly God give me my wife, my children, my family, my home back to me. Yet all I get is silence. This happens all the time. Divorce, families break all the time. God does nothing. Why should he do anything for me? I don't know how much more I can keep pouring out my soul, how much more hoping God alters reality, I don't know how much more I have left. God, if You are listening, I could really use Your help! I'm no tzadik. I'm just an ordinary guy who does his best to make mitzvahs and love his family. Pls give me my family! Reply

Sameach Mo florida October 8, 2015

This was wonderful! Reply

Hanah Rivkah NY September 13, 2015

Dear Rabbi Moshe New,
You say that Hanah Surrenderd her ego, her choice...Is it really so?
She did desire a child to dedicate to Hashem. That is a desire , a choice. Didn't she benefit from the knowledge and feelings of having had her prayer answered, of having had child, of seeing her son becoming the righteous Shmuel, of knowing that Hashem heard her and did not ignore her, that she now can be assured of her relationship with Hashem?
How is her ego surrendered then? She got all she requested. And more. She didn't mother Shmuel for long but she had a lot of other children.
Did Sarah Emeinu pray for a child?
I find the Shunamite woman that hosted Eliahu someone truly without an ego. She didn't even request anything as a rewatd for her hospitality, even though she was childless.

I look forward to your reply as I'd like to understand what I may not see. Reply

Sheila SoCal May 10, 2014

Prayer from the depths of one's soul ... This is an amazing teaching on "Prayer" ... distinguishing it from other forms of communication with GOD. So instructive and enlightening. Thank you, Rabbi New! Shalom! Reply

Mary October 3, 2013

How Wonderfull; now I know understand more.
I cried, and laughed at the same time. I understand what you are saying.
I prayed so hard to keep my brother-in-law alive without pain. However,
after five days he was allowed to go home to heaven. I know and under-
stand the power of prayer. I believe prayer can change anything and

You probably know I am not of Jewish faith, but I am happy to listen to
you. I believe in prayer very much. I have seen where prayer changes
things in people's lives; their health, their lives, their hearts.

I have a friend who is Jewish and I was there to help him get through
the loss of his mother. I am always there for him. We have become
very good friends, and we are there for each other even though we
are of different faiths. I love my friend dearly.

I was listening to you tonight, and I loved and learned more about the
prayers I said for my brother-in-law, and I know what you said was
true. I have felt prayers answered by what our Father in Heaven
Thank You Reply

Maria Gallant Winnipeg,Manitoba September 5, 2013

Chana's prayer Thank you Rabbi for your expanded teaching on the prayer, I would like to add that in other words we die to ourselves and let Him be truly King of all that was and is and is to come, come what may. Total surrender. Problems come when we still try to hang on to certain things. Reply

Anonymous September 3, 2013

Very nice... Thanks... Reply

z. ist August 31, 2013

Prayer You are a great Worker Rabbi New. Thank you from the deepest of my share of the Soul. Reply

This class analyzes an aspect of the weekly Torah portion or upcoming holiday. While providing a basic understanding of the subject matter, the lesson delves into its deeper and more complex dimensions with emphasis on the spiritual relevance to our daily lives. Inspiration for both the novice and advanced student.
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