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Rabbi Kadoozy answers a question about prayer and Jono asks G-d to write his term paper.

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charnie deutsch London October 21, 2018

really funny Reply

Chana Monsey, NY April 22, 2016

Great show! Very nicely done! Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY April 22, 2016

Nice show! Ewwww! A sunday under his pillow does not sound appetizing! Well anyway, it's cute! Reply

Anonymous January 6, 2015

jono is hysterical Reply

shterna us, ny amarica June 22, 2008

butiful i love your show butiful work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

sami February 6, 2008

nice but... isnt prayer also thanking g-d about all the good things rather than just asking? Reply

Yehudah Wright Frisco, Texas January 26, 2008

Jono I love Rabbi Kadoozy. I learn a lot when he teaches about being a Jew and why Torah is important. But Jono is crazy. I don't mind him looking like he has no eyes...but he really acts like he has no brain! Reply

Chana S. San DIego, California October 25, 2007

i love it this is a classic...............i loved it! Reply

Roxanne (goy) August 15, 2007

Hot fudge sundae I have GOT to remember to add a hot fudge sundae to my prayer "shopping lists". :) Reply

Elijah Candia U.S.A. January 7, 2007

When Jono closes his eyes, it looks like he doen't have any eyes. Reply

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