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Jonathan's Time Machine

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Jono's Time Machine

When Jonathan builds a time machine out of a cardboard box, aluminum foil, duct-tape, and six explosions, the rabbi teaches us all about how to make the best use of time.
Time Management, Time Travel

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Anonymous 11 years old April 21, 2020

Itche Kadoozy Videos I laugh WAY too hard from Itche Kadoozy videos... although they should be called Jono videos, because without Jono, they'd be BOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING!!!! Reply

yoel dovid January 28, 2020

he is sooo funny!! Reply

Jono December 27, 2018

Rabbi Rabbi Rabbi wasome love it halareas Reply

Mendel May 9, 2018

This video keeps stopping at ~24 seconds. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a fix? Reply

Chabad.org Staff May 16, 2018
in response to Mendel:

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the IK video. Are you using an Apple device perhaps? Reply

Anonymous new haven connecticut March 10, 2017

yes i call sitting in a box for 6 hours, reading comic books, and eating cookies a waste of time. Reply

Spider-Man Dallas, Texas, USA January 7, 2017

JONO! I like eating and reading comic books. Reply

Anonymous USA April 18, 2016

Jono is so lame. Reply

Reshiram Master Ball March 31, 2020
in response to Anonymous:

Well, I dont agree Reply

Anonymous Monsey, NY February 12, 2016

very funny. Reply

C.G February 7, 2016

I really love this video very much. It tells you how to use time properly. Reply

Chana Goldstein February 6, 2016

I love sitting alone, and reading and eating cookies too. Reply

Anonymous new england January 24, 2016

wasome!!! not Reply

Yossi Fischer Augusta GA December 14, 2015

this is one of the funniest video's i've ever seen! technically it is time travel... and I do call sitting in a cardboard box reading comic books and eating cookies a waste of time!
And what happened with jono? how did he become covered in aluminum foil? did he like explode himself in the cardboard box?!
Why does he think a 60 year old would become "extinct" in 6 hours??
By the way, this is not criticism Reply

someone May 9, 2014

to the latest comment that was offensive! Reply

Anonymous Lion Grass August 17, 2013

Not what I call ''funny'' I have no idea why people think this is funny. But it is cute indeed. I guess I can say it's funny. Just a little tho. Reply

menucha rochel herson rockaway, N.J. March 4, 2012

its kind of funny and kind of not funny Reply

abcdefg isreal via kids.tzivoshashem.org November 27, 2011

g-8 jono, dream on! i dont ever think you r going to the moon.
stop reading comics and learn more torah Reply

Anonymous London, England April 15, 2011

Jono's explosions How did Jono blow up stuff in a house with out falling the bulding? Reply

Anonymous St.paul, M.N. July 3, 2008

I love that show Reply

CHAJ via myyeshiva.org April 12, 2007


Mordechai Wilhelm St. Paul, MN USA via kids.tzivoshashem.org March 23, 2006

the show The show is very funny. The parsha show and e-mail show are also hilarious. I can't wait to see another one every time I go on Reply