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The Hebrew Lesson


Hebrew Lesson

When Rabbi Kadoozy tries to teach Jonathan Hebrew, little misunderstandings lead to big laughs!
Holy Tongue; Hebrew

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yoel dovid January 28, 2020

soooo funnnyy!!!! Reply

Avi Hart Silver Spring, M.D. April 2, 2019

I love this video! Reply

batsheva December 10, 2018

lol so funny Reply

mendel hein pittsford ny October 28, 2018

get the joke? Reply

Anonymous Monsey, New York September 16, 2018

I love it!!!!!!! Please make more funny videos like this one!!!!! Itche kadoosie, I'm a fan!!!!!! I'm just wondering why it's call itche kadoosie if jono is the funny part!!!! i only watch it for him!!! Reply

Schneur Zalman Gurary Simi Valley CA July 20, 2018

This video is really funny!!! Because he didn't understand that הוא means היא. Jonathon Itche Kadoozy Thought that it wood be יונתן, but then Jono piped up and said his parents called him נפתלי. OK גוט שבת!!!!!! Reply

Sara goldstein New York March 9, 2018

It's really funny! Reply

aharon yaakov israeli new york December 8, 2017

it's really funny Reply

Anonymous October 9, 2016

really funny BTW it was more than a minute i can barely type i am laughing to hard! Reply

Anonymous Brazil September 5, 2016

Good I like it, but I knew ivrit the second I knew how to speak so its not that funny.... Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY February 10, 2016

The Hebrew Lesson Iche Kadoozy This video is very funny! I really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot. By the way, why does Jono always space out. I wish he could understand. Reply

Anonymous January 26, 2016

This video is awesome! The Iche Kadoozy videos are really entertaining!!!! Reply

Captain America Texas November 27, 2015

HA! I laughed till I cried! Reply

Anonymous florida October 3, 2014

hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

nechama dina ny June 8, 2014

hebrew :) Reply

Mushky Goldstein Auckland July 24, 2013

This is the funniest video that i have ever seen! Reply

chana raizel ny, usa October 26, 2011

reply to sholom ber and anonymos:) i knew that "hee" is she and "dag" is fish. and all the hebrew words they said and what they meant. but i still think its funny couse Jono doesnt know what the rabbi is talking about! i think youre supposed to know the words anyway. but if any of you didnt know the words than i think its still funny.

anti brooklyn, NY June 27, 2011

it rox it rox my sox and shakes my crocs! Reply

tani February 10, 2011

jono it is funny when jono says what, he is she and his hebrew name is naftaily when it is yonatain. jono is really, really funny. Reply

Asaf Cohen cedarhurst, ny February 6, 2011

i love this show !!! Reply

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