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Silent Film

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Silent Film

A timeless "The Itche Kadoozy Show" classic from the silent film era.
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SCHNEUR May 25, 2022


dovihecht March 16, 2022

make a version with voice acting Reply

mendel thornhill July 16, 2020

way is it silent?!?!?! Reply

Daniel June 23, 2021
in response to mendel:

Well it's called silent film or maybe they wanted to make it funnier 🤔 anyway it's hilarious 😂 Reply

Leah raizel💜💜 Chicago IL💖💖 April 15, 2022
in response to mendel:

Because it is a silent film. Reply

Eli new york July 5, 2020

soooooo funny Reply

fan ?? April 12, 2020

is this season 1?? Reply

T.L across the world. December 23, 2018

Mustache(s!) Hello.
Why does Jono have so many mustaches? and why does he have a mustache? why?? Reply

Daniel June 23, 2021
in response to T.L :

I don't know and did you notice that before he got mustaches he he got bigger side burns Reply

Itche Kadoozy Expert April 29, 2018

My favorite part of the video is the comments — the amount of ways people spell mustache!
But in general, great video Reply

Anonymous November 22, 2017

Love it! Reply

Captain America Dallas, Texas, USA December 28, 2016

MUSTACHE????? Why does Jono keep getting mustaches?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Reply

Tzippy Maryland October 1, 2017
in response to Captain America:

IKR? Reply

Anonymous Lakewood Townsh June 9, 2020
in response to Captain America:

I dunno hello maybe the Itchy kadoozy
guys have a ton of fake puppets mustaches Maybe they will let us borrow some for Purim LoL Reply

mentch munchies Austin, Texas December 8, 2016

good old black and white films i love jono and itchie kadoozy in silent film Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY November 3, 2016

Nice show :-) mustache??????? Reply

Anonymous The moon March 28, 2016

Hallarios Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY February 11, 2016

Huh! where is that mustache on Jono come from?! Reply

chaiky December 30, 2015

Did anyone perhaps ask where Jono's mustache came froem? i'm ot so sure. i will ask now. where did jono get his mustache from??? Reply

Anonymous October 22, 2015

That was brilliant.
That's all I have to say
Brilliant. Reply

A 11 year old boy Rome, Italy January 7, 2014

mustache why in the world does Jono keep getting different mustaches?! Reply

skldfjs dfkg, usa November 16, 2011

jono mustache?
cute, but not as good as the rest Reply

Anonymous Calgary, Alberta, March 16, 2011

really funny Its really funny when iche kadoozy and jono chase each other. Reply

Anonymous spain January 18, 2011

Jono how come Jono keeps on hiving different tipes of mustaches? Reply

A twelve year old girl FL, USA December 4, 2010

Silent Film???!! I LOVE this show, and i love the idea to do a silent film. However this kinda didn't work. The words moved to fast, and i think another story could have been written instead (keeping the jono getting older) Even though I think all this, i really enjoyed seeing this silent film. Reply

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