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The Burglary

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The Burglary

After Rabbi Kadoozy's house is broken into, Jono decides that they need to install a security system. Hilarity ensues!

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Em HOOPLA April 25, 2022

Ok, that egg with the face was just plain creepy. Reply

binyaminson Fort Lauderdale March 26, 2020

there are 2 part's that are really funny

1.when itche kadoozy staple's his glove
to the roof

2.when Mrs. k (feige kadoozy) say's oh g fish made the hot coco (gefilta fish made the hot coco Reply

Mendel Perlstein Chattanooga April 19, 2019

LOVE IT!!! Reply

Daisy Ridley The set of Star Wars October 13, 2017

I can't stop laughin'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

dk Chicago July 9, 2017

very funny Reply

Shliach Rome, Italy December 17, 2013

spotted i spotted someone the first time Jono fell I saw someone's head picking him up. Reply

anonymous the world December 29, 2020
in response to Shliach:

me too Reply

C.M.W January 28, 2013

? why don't you ever answer us? Reply

Anonymous bakersfield, california May 24, 2012

halariuos! this is haliurous! make more like this! i want MORE OF IT! Reply

PoMaflah January 19, 2012

Egg with face Isn't this avodah zara? Reply

brocha chicago, IL August 8, 2011

it was funny when he sayd he wont get to much money out of the dead people Reply

Mendy Holtzberg Monteray, Califorgnia March 16, 2011

HEHE Harsh! Rabbi kadoozy is so funny -- his hand to the roof!! but u would faint if that happened! Reply

melanie savannah, georgia via November 27, 2009

this show funny, but why and how can you put a mezuza on a security system? i thought mezuzot go on the doorpost? Reply

yosef lipsker March 18, 2020
in response to melanie:

that is true but a kosher mezuza protects the house which contains the parshios of shema and vi'haya im shamoa has 8 names of hashem 4 of which is on the other side of the shema including shada-i and chuzo... Reply

Bassie st.paul, M.N. February 8, 2009

reply to hannah are those all your pets!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?? Reply

julien Edmonten, AB July 20, 2008

mesusa he he he very funny Reply

abigail sharon springs, KS May 1, 2008

ROLF Reply

Hannah Jefferson , OR USA December 29, 2007

a letter Hello my name is Hannah and I really like your shows I think they are Funny. I am nine years old and I have six horses, and one pony, and seven chickens, three dogs, and three cats, and two birds. I also like your website but I personally think you should put more games on it. Besides that it is really fun I hope you like my letter and if you do not mind please respond. Reply

shloimie melbourne, vic March 10, 2007

funny Reply

Binyamin March 5, 2007

pretty boring Reply

Leiby Deutsch Clifton, NJ/USA January 25, 2007

The Burglary Short Hi Tzivos Hashem,

I really like this short and all the other shorts. Reply

Miguel USA January 9, 2007

Very funny!!! Are you guys ok Jono and R. Kadozy? Reply

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