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Rabbi Kadoozy tries to answer an e-mail about the blessings to be said before eating food. When his wacky neighbor Jonathan shows up hilarity ensues.
Blessing on Food

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Anonymous CAPE TOWN June 21, 2020

Rabbi itche kadoozy i have a question: what other things happen on tisha bav besides the destruction of the first and second temple and when the spies told all the lies Reply

shimon +++++++++++ June 9, 2020

make more!!! Reply

C.G USA April 28, 2016

The second Jono comes in, you can see the person holding him. Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY March 7, 2016

Make more! Reply

sarahle United Stats, Wilmington Delawear November 2, 2010

............... i know Reply

Anonymous Australia June 3, 2009

We want more What happened to the Itche Kadoozy e-mail show?
The only ones on look very old and there aren't any more being made. In fact there aren't any new shows being made at all! Reply

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