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The Blessing Guy

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The Blessing Guy

Itche and Jono work out their privacy issues while they help a guy make Brachot before eating. Fun is had by all.
Blessing on Food

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shimon not saying December 17, 2020

how come we never see there feet? Reply

Daniel June 14, 2021
in response to shimon:

Because they're puppets so they don't have plus you would see peoples hands that's why. I hope I explained it good hope you understand now Reply

shimon not saying December 7, 2021
in response to Daniel :

thanks!!! Reply

a pushuta yid! imbley,ny December 9, 2020

grat job!!!!!!!!!!!! Reply

ah california June 17, 2020

i thought the mitzva card pledges were filled out 20 not 30 years before
awsome video!!!! Reply

a pushuta yid! imbley,ny December 9, 2020
in response to ah:

me 2 Reply

Malka Charna Heidingsfeld May 5, 2022
in response to ah:

10 years passed since the :) Reply

Everyone Everywhere February 12, 2019

Everyone loves Itche kadoozy I we wish you can make more! Reply

Everyone Everywhere February 13, 2019
in response to Everyone:

but If dovid taub ran out of strenth he will not have strenth to make any more Itche kadoozy videos Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY February 14, 2016

How did that poster on that bus appear so quickly? Anyway, it's funny. Mr. Frank even has a 37 o'clock when there is no such thing as 37 o'clock. Reply

Daniel June 14, 2021
in response to Chana Goldstein:

I think it's supposed to be a joke Reply

me May 23, 2014

to Mr. weird: if you feel that way then don't go on this website to write those kind of comments. Reply

Brookie April 18, 2014

I'm a Vegetarian who wants holy burgers! *Not* Hmm, maybe I should go to this guy so my veggie burgers can be holy now..... lol Reply

Anonymous via December 12, 2012

how can i watch the show? Reply

Anonymous October 14, 2012

its funny that the glasses jono is holding has eyes. Reply

Anonymous August 8, 2012

seems stuck? seems stuck in the middle? just after they see the poster on the bus? Reply

Anonymous Newtown April 1, 2012

This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny! Reply

Anonymous new york, Ny/ US January 24, 2010

werid this is the weridest website ever!!!!! Reply

sara caroline Key Biscayne, FL via December 13, 2009

thanks thanks so much for this website i love the games and the videos THANKS Reply

Anonymous August 7, 2009

melted chocolate bars they are still edible but dont taste as good. Reply

chana chicago, IL July 8, 2009

itche kadoozy Itche Kadoozy saves my day! I love watching it! and jono boy is he funny! and all the other actresses Reply

Rochel Sugar Chicago, IL June 26, 2009

How Itche Kadoozy is so funny I love Itche Kadoozy because it is so funny. And whenever I'm bored i can always watch it, or whenever a friend comes over the only thing we do is watch Itche Kadoozy and were almost on the floor. Reply

Chani Benjaminson, May 18, 2009

DVD Thanks! The Itche Kadoozy shows (with the exception of the Passover selection) are not yet available on DVD, please stay tuned to the website for developments. The Passover DVD can be purchased here. Reply

Anonymous Elmhurst, IL May 14, 2009

I want a DVD of Itsche Kadoosy I love them for my kids, but I do not like them to use the computer. Can we buy a collection of these on DVD? Reply

Sender via January 19, 2009

That video is soo funny im on the floor literaly woow! Reply

FAT MOUTH PB, FL October 10, 2008

JONO YOUR AMAZING!!! ilove the time macheine, future machiene or whatever you call it.i watched every single movie. ITCHY KADOOZY ROCKS!!!!!! Reply

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