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Rabbi Kadoozy answers an e-mail about kiddush for Shabbat. Jonathan shows up and things get relatively sillier.
Kiddush, Wine

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Tzvi Pomona July 7, 2021

Why are Jono's eyes facing different directions. Reply

lol CH, NY May 3, 2021

lol? Reply

Chana Rochel Tolliver North Hollywood May 19, 2020

Jono is the funnyest caerakter! Reply

Anonymous MD April 21, 2020

i love jono, hulo Reply

T austrslia May 20, 2017

Jono is very funny hahahah so Funny =) Reply

Potato swizelstick Candyland September 5, 2016

I like how he says "hullo" instead of hello. Reply

C.G Monsey, NY February 12, 2016

Very funny. Especially when Jono came in. Reply

Chana Goldstein Monsey, NY February 11, 2016

The grapes must have had a really strong dye! Reply

adina shaiman age 10 amd 1/2 far rockaway ny June 18, 2015

love em This series is so funny and also is u want to see jono with verry long hair but no beard its in one of the parsha reports with nazers Reply

Joanna Zorya December 6, 2009

Itche Kadoozy rules I think these series are totally awesome. They're just like the funniest thing ever. Totally righteous, dudes. Reply

Bella Sandman Miami Beach, FL October 26, 2008

funny this is really funny Reply

shmuly s.paul, mn April 17, 2008

jono could you have jono not shave during sifera during siferas haomer. i want to see him with a beard.(besides for him acting moses.) Reply

Anonymous broolyn, New York March 16, 2008

i hate this eposode Reply

Sarah Chan age 9 Brentwood, CA December 18, 2006

Your Shows are HILARIOUS! Dear Rabbi Kadoozy & friends,
I was looking at the older shows and this one is really funny! My little sister (1 year old) tries to say "Rabbi" & "Jono". She calls "Jono" John. It's so cute! By the way your shows are hilarious. I can't wait for the next show! Keep up the good work! Reply

Esther Gillig Far Rockay October 28, 2023
in response to Sarah Chan age 9:

its so hilarious Reply

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