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The Mitzvah Campaign of Torah Books

A Home Full of Sefarim

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The Mitzvah Campaign of Torah Books: A Home Full of Sefarim

One of the Rebbe’s special mitzvah campaigns was for every Jewish home to be “filled” with holy Torah books. Discover the immense significance and transformative capacity to this seemingly unconventional campaign.
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1 Comment
S UK January 6, 2017

Love Respectfully Rabbi Kaplan,

A home with a Torah is the only home with true love.

You can be hated, rejected, abandoned, reduced to poverty and hunger by what the world terms 'humanity'.

When you open the Torah and begin to read, you have a family who have equally suffered, and after sowing tears they reap joy with HaShem.

Their life is our life and it becomes part of our heart because we learn about and feel for the suffering of others. Jacob suffered so much without Joseph, yet he had many children still around. Then when they reunite, Jacob first response is to thank HaShem, because Torah had enabled Jacob to endure and equally so for Joseph.

Studying Torah provides a home for Torah in our heart, mind and soul which we can carry with us throughout life.

The Torah should never be left on a shelf in the home, but always be close to hand where true love belongs. HaShem is Torah and this is the only way HaShem can draw near to us until the coming of the Messiah.

Thank you Reply