Some people think the world is made of things, and words describe those things. In Hebrew, the world is made of words, just that those words look like things. You see, G‑d spoke and the world came into being. Words isify the isness. So really there is nothing else but words.

Which explains a lot. Like why Jewish people spend so much time reading words. We have a tribal ritual three times a day when we read Hebrew words out loud together. Then we study Torah, reading all the words out loud—even when we are just sitting there studying all on our lonesome. Then we say blessings on food and drinks—out loud. Everything seems centered around reading, and reading out loud.

Weird, isn't it? Not once you consider that really there's nothing more powerful in the entire universe than words. Cuz that's all there really is.

Well, not so fast. After all, the words we say are not quite the words the world is made of. They don't need a medium of air or any other substance, for one thing—since it's those words that create all mediums. They don't exist within time and space, either—since they isify all time and space. So what do our words have to do with those words?

So here's the system: The words we say are really those original words, but as they have fallen down into a created world. It would be as though you had one of those text-to-speech programs where you talk and the words appear on the screen in front of you—except, imagine that you are an infinite, timeless being and the screen is your finite creation. Well, at least imagine that you could imagine that.

At any rate, now these words are here, fallen from the world of the Creator into the world of the created and we have to get them back to their original source, so as to set up lines of communication. But it's really far from here to there. Like, infinitely far and yet further. So we need help.

For help, we enlist the angels. Their job is to grab those words we say, retrofit them, polish them up so they're super-spiritual and carry them yet higher. But they need our help, too. Commensurate to the degree of soul power we put into those words, that's how high those angels can carry them. With enough enthusiasm, ecstasy and awe, they can get to The World of Formation. Or may even The World of Creation. Or if you're a little kid, your words get an instant pass direct to the highest of worlds, The World of Emanation.

What happens with those words once they get there? Basically, they become freight cars, stuffed with light and blessings, ticketed to carry it all back down to this world again.

Which means that according to the kind of words you send up, that's what you'll be able to get back down. So you want to put lots of heart, mind and soul into those words, so they can get real high up there where the good stuff comes from. And you want to say them good and clear, so as not to give the angel guys too hard a time, and make sure your freight cars don't leak on the way down.

But the big picture is, hey, look what we're building here: A complete highway system between heaven and earth, Creator and creation, spiritual and physical. Until everything all networked together as a single cosmic shtetl.