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The Meaning of Blessings

Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 2

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The Meaning of Blessings : Discussions on Prayer, Lesson 2

In this lesson we look at the rationale for us blessing G-d in general and specifically in the morning, why Hebrew is the preferred language for prayer, and the layers of meaning to the ritual hand washing in the morning.
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Prayer Book, Prayer, Holy Tongue; Hebrew, Netilat Yadayim, Morning Blessings, Blessing

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Peninah Houston December 1, 2014

Thank you Rabbi. Amazing how the fundamentals and basics of tefiillah always has such richness of meaning. There's always something new to learn. This morning we were pondering on what exactly does it mean when we say, "Blessed are You L-rd our G-d...." and then 6hrs later this lecture answered that. "Blessed are You L-rd our G-d whose miracles are with us daily" Reply

Michal G. Baltimore, md November 26, 2014

Yasher koach, Rabbi Kaplan. I never understood the Brocha of washing of the hands so profoundly until now. I am looking forward to your next conversation. Reply

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