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Happiness Is a Thought

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Happiness Is a Thought

A closer look at the Hebrew word Simcha (joy).
Word; Words, Holy Tongue; Hebrew, Joy; Happiness

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Casper van Cleeveld Groningen July 19, 2023

Very well explained. Reply

Ron Cohen Arad, Israel July 19, 2023

Just to enlarge on this thought, namely the place of מוח (moakh) in happiness, the letters shin/sin and mem put together also mean put. Thus, think carefully before you engage in an activity in which happiness is only a mirage. Reply

Stan Hoffman July 18, 2023

I agree with what you have said. Reply

Petra Katebi Kashi North Ryde July 18, 2023

An insightful video with depth!

Contentment is the true wealth.

Happiness is a transitional state of mind and purely biological. Contentment/joy (Samach) comes from wisdom therefore soul.

True wealth comes from the soul's state not mind. Reply

Bob Van Wagner Bensalem July 18, 2023

My mom advised not to compare brothers to brothers, as each is unique. So also to shape, shop, chaff, chop, cob carefully. Cob is a good starting point, it's old Irish and also old Slavonic, and Arabic. If you put a dot under the 'h' in hap, and replace the 'p' with the other plosive 'b', it's hap. We happen upon it. So if it is old slavonic, or old irish, or Arabic, is it also Hebrew?

In the current, and at the time of King James, 'hap' did mean as Rabbi Mendel Kalmenson, 'hap' does have the sense of chance, of luck or fortune. But it also can mean to fit in. The joy of belonging, as every kernal in a corn cob feels, perhaps. Reply

Aryeh Siegel July 18, 2023

Great. Reply

Rachamim Los Angeles July 18, 2023

Loved it! Chazack obaruch! Reply

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