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Prayer Book Blues

Women and Wisdom: Lesson 3

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Prayer Book Blues: Women and Wisdom: Lesson 3

What’s the point of praying from a prayerbook? Why do we pray in Hebrew? Is it better to pray in shul? How to infuse your prayers with real emotion and meaning.
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Ana Lopes Brazil January 13, 2020

I remember when I was a little child I hated to go to school, but my parents of course took me to the school anyway. And this make me understand exactly how is this thing that something seems bad to us, but God knows it's for the best.
Thank you very much for this amazing class! Reply

Anonymous Japan September 10, 2017

Thank you for this deep and motivating lecture. How can I become confident that G-d listens to my prayers? Do prayers have to be uttered audibly? Reply

Anonymous December 20, 2013

Prayers for Jewish women What prayers are most important for Jewish women? I pray in my own words and I pray over Shabbas candles, but would like to add daily prayers from the Siddur. Where should I start? Reply

Joyce Oxfeld Philadelphia, PA December 8, 2013

Thank you for your quick and gracious response. I can pick out some phrases in Hebrew. Others I do say in English. I am looking for certain prayers that mean the most to me and even printing them out to be able to read when I am feeling the need or notice it's the time for that prayer. The prayer for forgiveness is particularly, special to me right now. I have some trouble with anger and depression problems. This prayer is helpful to me. Also when I say the blessing for the meal, I notice the part about not being dependent on any one but G-d. I am dependent, on others and the Gov't and want that to change for the better. Then I may be able to move back near a Jewish Community. Hopefully the one I am attending. I would like to be to the Wall at Jerusalem to prayer for forgiveness and guidance. My Hebrew Birthday, 60th year, is Tevet 7. Reply

Bronya Shaffer December 6, 2013

Dear Joyce: Prayer is essentially a private dialogue between an individual and G0d. It's when we open our heart, when we engage with Him, when we thank and beseech and argue with Him. That's what prayer is. Indeed, we have also the formalized prayers; those specified for certain days and times. If you're finding the Hebrew difficult, get an English siddur and pray in the language you know; we're not meant to be mouthing syllables we don't understand. Ideally, of course, we should pray in the Holy Language, but that can come gradually, at your own pace. Pick one tefila to practice, and when that's easy for you, go on to another.

I hope this is helpful. Reply

Joyce Oxfeld Philadelphia, PA USA December 4, 2013

I find it difficult to articulate my Prayers out loud. I don't speak or read Hebrew very well. In private articulation is hard enough at home. But I am now isolated from my religious community. When I am able to attend my Synagogue, in the woman's section, they others can do prayer much better than me. And follow the service behind the Mechiza . The Rabbi and His Wife where I spent this Shabbos, teach many of the things I lack. In words and example. I watch Rbztm daven and wonder where it what to prayer for , how to , how long. My concentration isn't the greatest. I want to get better. I am having also confusion still as to what davening I am to do when and when. Reply

simie surrey , BC January 12, 2012

Amazing Class amazing! Yasher Koach Goldie!
From your classmate in British Columbia Reply

Anonymous Mesa, Arizona, USA December 20, 2011

Prayer Book Blues You are so right Mrs. Plotkin, prayer with faith in the Eternal G-d, Blessed be His Name, is always expecting His will be done. And whatever His will is it is for the best. Thank you for your teachings it sets anyone in a positive mind. Reply

Meira League City December 19, 2011

When energy and container are perfectly fit Goldie,
I love you!
Before, I couldn't understand what “intelligent emotions” mean.
Watching you several times, I realized that it is a gift of being emotional and smart at the same time. You send us great message in a beautiful KEILY.
Thank you very much! Reply

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