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Why Pray?

An Introduction to Prayer

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Why Pray?: An Introduction to Prayer

What does prayer mean to you? Do you enjoy prayer? How can our prayers help us forge a stronger relationship with G‑d?
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Diana E Rubin Richmond December 31, 2018

I cannot express the thanks I have for this series. I have been trying to improve my own davening, and this series helped so much! Reply

David Montreal November 19, 2017

I realy enjoy this series on the siddur. Thank you so much Mrs. Bitton. G-D Bless. Reply

Anonymous Tokyo August 16, 2017

I appreciated your emphasis on spiritual joy through prayer and the true purpose being to maintain a relationship with G-d. Having been raised in a Christian home, prayer was a means for parents to scold their children in public on their shortcomings, under the guise of supplication to G-d. I am finally learning to pray again, thanks to you and the other teachings on prayer on this website. Your teaching is a profound blessing and will help me teach my children to pray. Please say more about prayers with your children. I will keep listening. Reply

Pat S White Rock BC Canada October 22, 2016

Excellent Teaching I found myself laughing, crying and joyous knowing your segment on prayer touched my heart deeply!
Thank you for making the videos available in a public setting for those who want to learn.

Bless You for the excellent class Reply

Gary Europe January 9, 2016

Per your discourse... probably don't need another "Thank you" for providing this excellent dialogue to us, but I'm adding mine anyway! Reply

Nyvia Domenech ISABELA, puerto rico July 1, 2015

blessed I have truly gained so much knowledge with your teachings, it's beautiful and inspiring to see the love you share with us. Thank you Shalom Reply

Lillian Bradley February 1, 2015

She is amazing. Thank you for this wonderful teaching. It has truly uplifted me. Reply

Anonymous Montgomery, Alabama October 26, 2014

Mrs. Bitton,

Thank you so much for this series. They have meant so much to me.
They have helped me grow.

Would you consider posting the handouts? I would like, for example, to have the timeline on the Siddur. Reply

Anonymous May 23, 2014

Thank You Thank you Malky for an elaborate discussion on prayer. Indeed we were created to worship G-d and tefilah is the quintessence of our existence. It is so vital because it's through it that we forge that intimate relationship with our maker.May G-d continually bless you with wisdom and the talent to teach. Reply

why pray? Tverya, Israel May 9, 2014

why pray? Davening or praying is using words. Yes, you can think and use your mind what you want to say to the Rebbono Shel Olam, but prayer is speaking out to Hashem. Thinking, yes Hashem knows all your thoughts, but prayer is speaking to Hashem.

This shiur is very powerful, it is the key to our survival, Tefillin is what keeps the world alive!

All the best.

A Freilichin Shabbos

Rivkah Bergman Reply

Cindy Vardy N. Wales, PA May 7, 2014

Dear Mrs. Bitton,
Today I watched your online presentation on the subject of prayer. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your "virtual online" Torah discussion. I enjoy how you connected ideas. Your class feels comforting to me!
C.L.V. Reply

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