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Kavanah – Mindfulness in Prayer

The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 3

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Kavanah – Mindfulness in Prayer : The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 3

Intent and concentration in prayer.
Kavanah – Mindfulness in Prayer  
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Christine NZ July 10, 2021

Wow. So beautifully said. Thank you for all this wisdom 🙏 Reply

SHMUEL Sydney , Australia October 31, 2019

What an inspiring crystal-clear instructive lecture. I’ll treasure every word of what I’ve learned today! Thanks Rabbi Gurkow and Chabad fot all the wonderful work you do!! ברוך ה״ Reply


Better late then never... True Focus and Intention from the depth of the heart in and on Prayers being asked and answered! Also in the presentation on the focus and format on words being presented, and from the heart and not rehearse patterns. I am a slow learner, when I have it, I have it Thank you so very much for you teaching and clarity.. Shalom Reply

Edward Yablonsky phoenix February 18, 2018

The spectrum of Kavanah I am so grateful for your very lucid teachings Rabbi Gurkow. I have learned so much in your presentation and it has seeped down to my soul which has been lethargic and cold for a long time. My intellect was engaged but this soul of mine uttered words often mindlessly. How grateful I am that G-d allows a spectrum of kavanah and awaits with patience and inexpressible love as I grow and mature in love. I am so grateful that he gave us Hillel the more merciful application of Judaism, and then you await our progress to Moschiach where the more demanding and Shammaite /Talmudic expectancies will prevail. We will welcome such expectancies prevail in that era where our only preoccupation will be to know and love G-d and our neighbor with no distractions Reply

Anonymous April 18, 2015

Although I am not at the level of Kavana, i felt necessity to continue praying to G-d because there is no one but G-d who can help in time of problem. Reply

Anonymous Tallinn, Estonia April 11, 2012

Tfila It's very inspirating lecture. Tfila is the spine. Tfila is a ladder. But I liked the story from Talmud you'd told "judgement-connection". Thanks a lot! Reply

Anonymous September 26, 2010

Kavanah - Mindfulness in Prayer Thank you again Rabbi!

The explanation about the silent prayer and the whistle really helped me to understand a lot.

Shalom Reply

Lilia I. Portilla Victorville, Ca September 2, 2010

Kavvanah in Prayer Thank you Rabbi for your wonderful commentaries regarding prayer. I had been neglecting prayer, allegedly for I take care of my baby grandson, but that is no reason to leave G-d waiting for me to utter prayer. Please pray for me that I will pray with Kavvanah, looking down judging myself first and at the same time lifting my heart to G-d. Reply

Paulo Mendes 72400, Puebla/Mexico August 30, 2010

Thanks Rabbi.

in order to keep my mind on the words i speak, i have to understand the words i speak? if i not understanding the words that i pray, i have less kavanah?

I usually read in hebrew, but i dont understand everything i say. Reply

Marta Sousa de Carr Pasadena, Ca, USA October 26, 2018
in response to Paulo Mendes:

Thanks so much. Rabbi Gurkow you are very good teacher for me. This teaching from you is like a glass of water for a thirsty person, me. Reply

Luis Caracas, Venezuela August 30, 2010

No waste Thanks Rabbi for your teachings, the way you talk touches my very soul, Ill keep attending your classes. Reply

margaret Mesa, Arizona, USA August 30, 2010

Kavanah Thank you so much Rabbi Gurkow for your teachings. They are so dear to me. Reply

Uri Yitzchak Orlando, FL August 29, 2010

Thank you so much Rabbi Gurkow for such a wonderful journey through Prayer. You have a great gift in the way you teach Reply

Anonymous malibu, ca August 29, 2010

Great I had no idea such a channel existed! Thrilled to know Reply

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