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The Individual and the Community

The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 2

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The Individual and the Community: The Jew and Prayer: Lesson 2

The various advantages of praying alone and with a group.
The Individual and the Community  
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Prayer, Minyan

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Roberta Hubbard Medford September 25, 2022

These are great lessons, I appreciate Rabbi Gurkow's teachings and lessons very much. Thank you, Chabad, thank you, Rabbi Gurkow. Shalom. Reply

Angel Olguin March 9, 2020

Prayer is something we should do no matter where we are. It is the way we Talk to G_d. I feel that it is important to pray as often as I can even if I can not go to Synagogue. Reply

Debra Cusson February 15, 2018

Add a comment...What gave rise to my question is if I live too far away to attend a synagogue I should not be praying the 3 to 4 times a day here in my home? Reply

Lazer Gurkow February 15, 2018
in response to Debra Cusson :

If you are asking a yes or no question, the answer is yes. Pray three times a day at home. Being too far from a synagogue deprives one of congregational prayer, but does not of individual prayer.
However, watch the fourth episode for more information about how many times a day one must pray. Reply

Lazer Gurkow February 15, 2018

Can you explain what in this class gave rise to your question? If I undersand your question, I might be able to respond. Reply

Debra Cusson February 13, 2018

Add a comment So if I live 45 miles away from the nearest synagogue I should not be praying 3 to 4 times a day?... Reply

Anonymous toledo, oh February 10, 2018

i think the idea is clear. i just think that if a person doesn't feel accepted by the community they won't ever feel like part of the orchestra. there are many ways that an insular community can make an outsider feel unaccepted. for example, he may feel self conscious. Or, there is no way for a Cohen to identify himself when he walks into a synagogue. Or, a person with just a Jewish father is told he is not Jewish. these are 3 reasons why the orchestra is not playing to its fullest today. also, how is a person supposed to get to synagogue if he cannot drive on the Sabbath? Reply

Darnell S Collier brooklyn October 2, 2016

Just wanted to thank you!! Reply

margaret Mesa, AZ, USA August 28, 2010

The Individual And The Community I have always believe in Congregational prayers. I feel that that is where our G-d dwells because He rejoices in seeing His children come together to praise him and glorify His Holy Name, Blessed be He.

I am grateful for your beautiful teachings Rabbi Gurkow. This lesson has been indeed a blessing for me. Reply

Ronen Lod, Israel August 23, 2010

New outlook on Minyans Thank you very much Rabbi Gurkow. This video taught me why praying in a minyan is so important, and it will only reaffirm my commitment to try and make it to a minyan whenever I can.

Thank you Chabad, for the amazing educational and inspirational videos and classes, available online.

My suggestions is having the ability to include subtitles in different languages for those who don't understand English or Hebrew. Reply

Kayo Tokyo, Japan August 22, 2010

This class totally changed This class totally changed my attitude toward congregational prayer. I am very much looking forward to praying with our community at Beis Chabad Japan on Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur. Thank you. Reply

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