By the Grace of G‑d
11th of Nissan, 5714
[April 14, 1954]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Mr. ——
Manchester, England.

Sholom U’Brocho:

I received your letter, and was pleased to read an account of your program of learning, and that you are making good progress in Torah with Yiras Shomaim.

You mention that —— is in the air force, and I am enclosing herewith a little booklet—a Message from my father-in-law. Send it to him together with my blessing that he conduct himself in accordance with the Will of G‑d and be especially careful in putting on Tefillin on all weekdays, then G‑d will protect him and return him safely home in due course. Explain to him that just as a soldier has to be properly equipped (with helmet, khaki, etc.) for protection, and a breach of this discipline is not only an offense against himself but also against the whole company or regiment whose safety is weakened by the failure of one soldier, so it is in the case of the Jew who has special “equipment” ordered by G‑d, of which Tefillin is one of the most important, and necessary not only for his own safety but also for the benefit of his fellow servicemen. You may of course, quote me on this.

Similarly you ought to impress also upon —— that to lead a life according to the Torah is not for the benefit of G‑d, but for her own benefit, for this is the only way of happiness, materially and spiritually. Enclosed is a recent Message for Jewish Women which will surely interest her. Give her my blessings for success to carry this out in life.

Wishing you and your friends a Happy and Kosher Pesach,