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A Shavuot Message
In our religious and spiritual life, also, we have the seasons and festivals which recur year after year . . .
When we find ourselves in an “after unset” situation, strong faith will illuminate our lives.
Seasons of the Soul
In the winter of our lives, it often seems that spring will never come . . .
True Love
If Rabbi Akiva’s motto was “Love your fellow as yourself,” why were his disciples disrespectful to one another?
Children Saved The Day!
A Letter from the Rebbe to Children
Never Be Content!
The Ten Days of Teshuva is given to us to enable us to atone and repent for any wrong deeds accounted for during the previous year, and to better our way of life in the new year.
Illuminating the World
The Chanukah Lights are expressly meant to illuminate the “outside,” symbolically alluding to the duty to bring light also to those who, for one reason or another, still walk in darkness...
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