By the Grace of G‑d
8th of Kislev, 5718 [December 1, 1957]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

I was pleased to be informed by Rabbi -------- about the Melave Malka which was held in your home, which also served as an occasion of Chanukas Habayis.

Inasmuch as this occasion also coincided with Rosh Chodesh Kislev, the significance of it is all the greater. For, as you know, "Rosh" means head, and it is used in connection with the New Year and New Moon, instead of an identical term in Hebrew. This indicates that as the head is the center of the nervous system and vitality of the organism, and if the head is all right, the whole organism functions well, so it is with an initial period of time, when one makes a head-start.

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May G‑d help that this occasion be a good beginning for further stimulating activities in the cause of Torah and Mitzvoth in everyday life, and, as our Sages say, that the essential thing is not the theory but the practice, and there is always room for improvement.

I take this opportunity to extend to you and yours my prayerful wishes that your change of address be a change for the better, both materially and spiritually.

With blessing,