The text of this letter was sent to various individuals, personally addressed to each one.1

the day before Rosh Chodesh Sivan, 5711,
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greetings and blessings,

Enclosed is the kuntreis published for the coming Shavuos holiday. It is being sent to you to share with people at large 2 in an appropriate manner. Whoever has the potential [to spread the study of this kuntreis should realize that] the merit of the many is dependent on him. Accordingly, this awareness will help him in this task itself, enabling him to be successful in conveying this influence.3

* * *

It is known4 that every year on the festivals and holidays, the spiritual influences relevant to them are aroused:

On [Pesach,] the Festival of Matzos, the Exodus from Egypt; on Lag BaOmer, the revelation of pnimiyus HaTorah, the Torah’s mystic dimension.

It is a particularly appropriate time to draw down and internalize these particular qualities.

These days of the Season of the Giving of our Torah are unique days (ימי סגולה)5 for the unique nation (עם סגולה),6 [i.e., Israel,] to receive the treasure (הסגולה), the Torah,7 with happiness and inner feeling.

[Before giving the Torah,] however, the Holy One, blessed be He, said: Bring Me good guarantors who will keep the Torah and I will give it to you. The [only] guarantors He accepted were the children. When the recipients of the Torah said: “Our children are our guarantors” (for we will educate them in the path of the Torah), the Holy One, blessed be He, said: “They are certainly good guarantors. Because of them, I will give it to you.”8

This is true in the present as well.

As every one of us prepares himself for the coming Season of the Giving of our Torah, it is incumbent on each of us to do everything within his potential now regarding the education of boys and girls in the path of the Torah. [Everyone] should resolve and undertake to make greater and more powerful endeavors in this area during the days after the receiving of the Torah.

All of Israel are responsible for one another.9

It is not sufficient that one’s endeavors in this encompass only the education of his own sons and daughters. Certainly, everyone has the potential to have an influence — at least to a certain extent — on the education of Jewish boys and girls in his immediate surroundings. Sometimes, he can also have an effect on the education of those who are found in more distant places and even in other countries.

If every one is obligated to endeavor to strengthen and expand kosher Jewish education in places where it already exists and to try to bring it to places where people are presently unfamiliar with it, how much more so must he rise up with all his strength and fight against any activity or matter that may cut off a boy or a girl who are being educated in the path of the Torah from this education, that may distance them from the Torah of the living G‑d, and certainly, one that may lead to the denial of G‑d, Heaven forbid.

There is a well-known promise of our Sages that states:10 “All the matters for which Israel sacrificed themselves were perpetuated in their possession.”

With blessings for receiving the Torah with happiness and inner feeling.

M. Schneerson