By the Grace of G‑d
10th of Adar, 5723 [March 6, 1963]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

I received your letter of the 26th of Shevat in which you present the question in regard to Pesach, as it affects you and other boys in a similar position. It is well known that Shaalos of this nature are usually referred by me to the local Rov. I suggest, therefore, that you do this in regard to the Shaalo and the other pertinent questions.

I trust that you and the other boys are practicing the principle of Maalin b'Kodesh in your study of Nigleh and Chasidus, and above all in the daily practice of the Torah and Mitzvos with Hicldur. I hope to hear good news from you always.

As we have entered the happy month of Adar, and will soon celebrate the miracle of Purim, I send you my prayerful wishes for a happy and truly inspiring Purim, when there was "light and joy and gladness and honor' for the Jews, as the Megillah states, in the plain sense of these words, as well as in their inner meaning, as explained by our Sages, namely "light, this means Torah, etc."