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Letter & Spirit - Personal and Public Correspondence of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

Happiness and Joy

Do I Deserve This Trouble?
Serving G-d with joy is vital for the fulfillment of Torah and mitzvahs.
Knowing that the creator of the world, who is the essence of goodness, watches over everyone individually, there cannot possibly be reason for sadness.
There were certain statements that the Rebbe could not, and would not, tolerate
It is a great wonder that a Jew could be in such a mood because any person, and especially a Jewish person, is not allowed to despair
A Waste of Time
There are certain things, wrote the Rebbe, for which a chassid simply does not have the time
How to Feel Secure
"With regard to your writing about your feeling of depression..."
Fasting as a Means of Repentance
Over the years, many have seen fasting and personal afflictions as a form of teshuvah, or a way toward it. If this is not correct, what does the Rebbe suggest be done instead?
True teshuvah is effective in every situation, no matter the severity of the transgression.
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