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Letter & Spirit - Personal and Public Correspondence of the Lubavitcher Rebbe

The Land of Israel

Mezuzah Protection
The present situation calls for the protection of every Jewish home. True protection is that which only G-d provides, as it is written, "G-d guards the city." To ensure this Divine guardianship, the home has to be conducted in all aspects according to G-d's will.
Egyptians' Sudden Stop
The greatest miracle was that the Egyptians stopped their invasion for no good reason only a few miles east of the Canal.
The Miracle of Entebbe
One cannot fail to note the extraordinary aspects at both ends of the hijacking. On the one hand, the ease with which the four terrorists hijacked the airbus in Athens, and on the other hand, the extraordinary success of the rescue operation.
A letter from the Rebbe written on March 11, 1991, ten days after the end of the first Gulf War
When an Israeli Prime Minister Shows Jewish Pride in Washington
One of the obvious elements of the Prime Minister's visit is that it has demonstrated once again how vitally important it is for our people in the Holy Land to have strong and viable Jewish communities in the outside world.
Visiting Israel
As I had occasion to mention this to others, visiting another country often requires a visa, and the "visa" insofar as a country which is recognized even by non-Jews as the "Holy Land" is surely in terms of an extra measure of holiness.
When the offer of territorial concessions was made immediately after and since the Six day War, there was the miracle that the other party, the Arabs, rejected that offer.
The Rebbe to Sharon: Don't Leave the IDF!
When Sharon sought the Rebbe’s counsel in 1970 about whether he should retire from the military and enter politics, the Rebbe strongly encouraged him to remain at his post.
Dear Mr. Ben-Gurion: Israelis Must Remain Jewish
There exists the danger that a new generation will grow up, a new type bearing the name of Israel but completely divorced from the past of our people and its eternal and essential values, and moreover, hostile to it in its world outlook, its culture, and the content of its daily life...
David Ben-Gurion Asks
My opinion is absolutely clear, in conformity with the Torah and the tradition accepted for generations. . .
Is Aliyah to Israel Good for the Jews?
A nuanced and multifaceted approach to making Aliyah.
An Entry Visa to Israel
If going to a foreign country necessitates obtaining a visa from the government of that country, then when one desires to visit a land which is Holy, a special “visa” is surely required.
The Outcome of the Camp David Accords
How sad that some Jewish leaders who, for the illusion of peace — and frightened by threats of further violence in the midst of a hostile and callous world—were prepared to surrender portions of our land, in the ill-conceived belief that our enemies would thereby be appeased.
Caring for New Immigrants to Israel
Time is of essence, for, as we have had occasion to emphasize it before, if the new olim are not taken care of immediately upon their arrival, the opportunity may be irretrievably lost. . .
How We Can Strengthen Israel’s Security
There are people who claim that it is necessary to think and act "big," in terms of global dimensions and stupendous undertakings. Yet, we must never overlook -- indeed, rather greatly emphasize -- the so-called "small and unsophisticated". . .
Assisting New Immigrants to Israel
I am disappointed at the delay in the acquisition of a center in Jerusalem for the activities which are so vital and urgent. It is surely unnecessary to emphasize at length the urgency of the project under discussion, for it concerns new Olim, who arrive in the Holy Land with a great deal of enthusiasm and receptiveness.
True serenity, which is connected with true peace of mind, can only be attained by a person if he doesn’t remain in one place and situation
The Rebbe on the Kibbutz
In and of itself, the most apparent function of the commune is to equalize individuals of greater and lesser stature—something that runs contrary to human nature.
A Lesson from an IDF Emblem
One of the characteristics of the deer is that “its hide does not constrain its flesh.” In other words, the extremely taut skin of the deer does not inhibit its growth but, on the contrary, adapts itself and conforms to it.
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