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Science and Torah

The Age of the Universe
Basically the problem has its roots in a misconception of the scientific method or, simply, of what science is.
Analysis of Geochronology
I studied science on the university level from 1928–1932 in Berlin, and from 1934–1938 in Paris, and I have tried to follow scientific developments in certain areas ever since.
On Science and Its Truths
The whole Torah-versus-science "problem", the Rebbe maintained, is based on a popular misconception as to what science is
Post-Genesis Evolution
Creation does not deny the possibility of evolution after that of particular species through various mutations. . .
Dating by Starlight
You wrote that you read in astronomy books that there are stars whose light rays must travel far more than six thousand years until reaching Earth. How, you asked, could that fit with our holy Torah’s position that we are in the year 5716 since Creation?
Moon Landing and Torah
You write about the apparent contradiction between the latest scientific attempts to penetrate outer space, especially reaching the moon, which seems to you to contradict the statement in the Torah, “The Heavens belong to G‑d, and the earth He gave to the children of man."
Hitler's Scientists and the Belief in the Creator
You begin your letter with a warning that you don’t believe in G-d, Heaven forbid, because you are uncertain as to whether He exists. . .
In Defense of Geocentrism
To say that there is, or can be, “scientific proof” that the earth revolves around the sun is quite an unscientific and uncritical statement. . .
Medical Truths
Medical science discovers the soul
Harnessing Science to Torah
In addition to my letter of yesterday's date, which was confined to a purely scientific discussion, it is this second letter which will express my real approach to you, the Torah approach of one Jew to another
When Science Contradicts Torah
The Torah is the Truth. The purpose of science is to discover Truth. Therefore, any study which contradicts the Torah is not science but the opposite of it. . .
Does the Sun Really Revolve Around the Earth?
Since about half a century ago, with the introduction of the theory of relativity, the latter has been universally accepted as the basis of modern science. . .
It is my firm belief that the sun revolves around the earth, as I have also declared publicly on various occasions and in discussion with professors specializing in this field of science.
Addressing Problems of Belief
My opinion is, as stated in the Torah, that during the Six Days of Creation, G‑d created the Four Kingdoms (minerals, vegetation, animal and man) independently of each other. However, this Creation does not deny possibility of evolution after that of particular species through various mutations.
The Wager
The man wagered that the Rebbe would never make a public fool of himself and announce his belief that the sun revolves around the earth...
Is there a convincing proof for the existence of the Creator that could satisfy us as skeptics beyond the faintest shadow of a doubt?
It isn’t a question of logical proof since the facts, the actual events and occurrences, relay a clear and undeniable testimony. . .
The conclusions as to the age of the universe reached by various fields within science contradict each other. Scientific researchers were forced to contrive all kinds of ad hoc rationales to explain away these contradictions. . .
Letter to Rabbi Rimmler
Don’t you realize that we can still be believers and not live 500 years behind the times??
I take it for granted that you will keep your commitments with regard to the practical aspects of your letter. . .
Letters to a Scientist
The Rebbe’s correspondence with Professor Velvl Greene.
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