Editor’s note: This letter is the cover-letter of two letters in response to a man who questioned the Rebbe’s position that the sun revolves around the earth and not vice-versa. For the Rebbe’s first letter, see here. For the Rebbe's second letter, see here. For the man’s original letter, see here.

By the Grace of G‑d
Rosh Chodesh Kislev, 5736
[November 5, 1975]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Your letter, addressed to Rabbi Feivel Rimmler, reached me with considerable delay, more specifically before last Shabbos.

In view of its content, I naturally take this first opportunity of replying to it. Not knowing whether you are more interested in the practical implications or/and in the scientific aspects, I am writing two separate replies, enclosed herewith, which you can read in the order you prefer.

As customary in such a case, I am sending copies of the letters to Rabbi Rimmler, since it was he who conveyed your letter to me, end you will surely not mind.

With esteem and blessing,

P.S. It is surely unnecessary to add—though I am adding it for the record—that I take it for granted that you will keep your commitments with regard to the practical aspects of your letter.