Editor’s note: This letter was sent to Rabbi Feivel Rimmler by a man who questioned the Rebbe’s position that the sun revolves around the earth and not vice-versa. Rabbi Rimmler subsequently forwarded the letter to the Rebbe. For the Rebbe’s response, see here.

Rabbi Feivel Rimmler
824 Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn, New York 11213

Dear Rabbi Rimmler,

As per our conversation of today regarding Taharat Hamishpaha, etc. I did say to you, and am submitting the same in writing by means of this letter, that if the Rebbe would make a public statement to the effect that he personally believes and directs that his followers therefore believe that, since the Talmud states that the sun revolves around the earth, it is therefore his firm belief that the sun does indeed revolve around the earth, that I will;

(a) personally observe the laws of Taharat Hamishpaha, Tefillin, and Shabbat and

(b) influence as many of my friends and colleagues to do the same.

It is however, more than obvious to me that the Rebbe will not, in any way make such a ridiculous statement, because

(a) he does not wish to be labeled as a fool

(b) he himself is not as foolish as some of his ardent but hypnotized followers.

I predict, with no hesitation, that I will not hear any more about this matter either from you or from the Rebbe or through the press. I must tell you that I feel a deep personal hurt when people such as you make such asinine ridiculous statements and then hide your abysmal ignorance behind the facade of “Torah.” Don’t you realize that we can still be believers and not live 500 years behind the times??