Dear Friend,

We live in fast-changing times. Society is reexamining itself, reevaluating long-held beliefs, and redefining its understanding of just about everything—leaving us with many questions. 25 years after his passing, the Rebbe's vision for societal cohesion is more relevant than ever.

In addition to his tremendous Torah scholarship and exemplary spiritual leadership, the Rebbe also applied the deep wisdom of Torah to the many social questions and challenges faced by all of humanity collectively.

Here we have gathered a sampling of the Rebbe's talks and writings, as well as related essays and adaptions, on a range of topics that cross the divide between the particular and the universal, between self, community and the world. In the aftermath of the Holocaust, the Rebbe's unique social perspective is at once imperative and inspirational, whether for personal life, policymaking or international diplomacy. The Rebbe powerfully applies Torah's eternal wisdom to help us understand our mission in the present and to illuminate the path towards a better future for all people and ultimate fulfillment for all of creation.