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Education: an Anthology
The scratch in the seedling... The art of toddling... A Yeshivah in Egypt... The benefits of being stupid when you're old... and fourteen other stories, insights and essays on education
Defeating the Nazis through Jewish Education
A Canadian journalist's interview with the Rebbe
We asked the Rebbe to predict the state of Jewish communal life 50 years from now, particularly with regard to balances of observant and non-observant Jews and the state of Jewish education...
Education, Postmodernism and the Challenge of Tradition
Reflections on the Enduring Relevance of Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson’s Religious Thought
In a time of sweeping change Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson advocated radically progressive methodologies, marked by their striking relevance to new theoretical paradigms, in the cause of traditional Judaism.
The Haggadah and Jewish Education
How the Haggadah turns education on its head
From a child's answers, you might know something about what the child knows. From a child's question, you know who the child is.
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