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The Rebbe & World Leaders

Diaries and letters describing events at Lubavitch World Headquarters.

Historical Correspondence with US Presidents
The Rebbe's guidance to presidents, including Ford and Reagan.
The Making of a Chief Rabbi
The Rebbe’s request to a young Englishman
As we walked home for the festive holiday meal, the young man exclaimed, “This Rosh Hashanah has changed my life!”
Lech Walesa and the Rebbe’s Dollar
In 1989, someone suggested that I visit Poland, my birthplace, where sixty members of my family were murdered.
A Rabbi’s Capitol Hill Missions
South African Jewry marked the 15th anniversary of the passing of the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson, of righteous memory, with a glimpse into the Rebbe’s work on behalf of education, a focus that extended into the corridors of power in Washington, D.C.
Don’t Abandon the Japanese Jewish Community
One man’s experience as the only rabbi for Japan and the Far East
The Rebbe said was, “It is enough that you were working with the dead, now you need to work with the living!”
When Leadership Can Be Difficult
Rabbi Zev Segal, communal leader and Jewish activist, describes how the Rebbe approached Jewish life after the holocaust.
Turning Disappointment Into Food for the Hungry
U.S. Rep. Shirley Chisholm (D-N.Y.), the first African-American woman elected to Congress, helped expand federal food supplement programs at the urging of the Rebbe.
Teacher and Leader for All Jews
The former Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel describes his meetings with the Rebbe, and explains why the Rebbe, an Ashkenazic rabbi, assisted all Jews.
“Quiet Diplomacy” with Soviet Union
How I saved lives with the Rebbe's precious advice in what became the most important story of my life.
Where Change Begins
You want to change the world? Start by changing yourself.
Refocusing Our Perception
There are differences. We don't focus on the differences. We focus on what we have in common.
The Rebbe and the Rav
A glimpse at the relationship between the Rebbe and Rabbi Joseph Ber Soloveitchik, "the Rav."
A Mystical Covenant
Audio | 56:51
A Mystical Covenant
How could you mend a fracture so deep, such a hole in the heart of humanity? ... Would it be possible to search out every Jew in love as Jews had once been searched out and hunted down in hate?
On Humility
He was a world-famous figure, I was an anonymous student from 3000 miles away. Quickly it became clear to me that he believed in me more than I believed in myself
Why Should We Be Deprived?
The Rebbe immediately corrected me, "We cannot label anyone as being 'far.' Who are we to determine who is far and who is near? They are all close to G-d!"
Audio | 26:49
A "World Leader"
Often the secretary would ring, and I would rise to leave because I knew there were people waiting. But the Rebbe would keep me back saying, "What? We are talking about the community."
The Forgotten Bandage and Doing a Good Deed
My partner handed the Rebbe a note he'd prepared with the name of his sickly relative and some details about her condition. As the Rebbe read the details, his face transformed before our eyes; from welcoming and jovial to somber and serious.
“Why Don’t You Come to Israel?”
My father-in-law turned to the Rebbe and said, "If the Rebbe would come to Israel, it would do so much good for those living there."
Chief Rabbi Sacks' Highlights Rebbe's Inspiring Charge
The Rebbe did something absolutely extraordinary; he said to himself: if the Nazis searched out every Jew in hate, we will search out every Jew in love.
The Rebbe Goes to Vilna
As he waited, there were a few people in the study hall at the time who realized that he was a chassid, and so they decided to harass him. They started asking him pointed questions on Talmudic topics—did he know this topic, and what did he have to say about it, and so forth.
Whose Time Is It?
When the Rebbe spoke with Rabbi Rosen, he also knew all the Romanian communities by name.
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