Lubavitcher Rebbe

The Nigerian Prince Is a Hoax
I always suspected that he never really got that inheritance.
‘My Story’: A Colorful Glimpse Into 41 Personal Relationships With the Rebbe
Book Bag
Book sold out its first printing this summer and is now available once again
50,000 Visitors at Resting Place of the Rebbe
Photo Gallery
Prayer, meditation, study and mitzvahs mark the 23d anniversary of the Rebbe’s passing
‘Unity Day’ Bonds Jewish Children From Small Communities
California CKids program joins together students from eight area Hebrew schools
Ohel Visit a Transformative Experience for College Students
Campus Life
Participants leave New York energized and ready for greater commitment to Jewish observance
The Threshold
Honestly, I recognized that poem. I didn’t need any more propaganda. I didn’t need anymore. This was for me.
Honoring the Rebbe’s Vision: Preparing for the 22nd Yahrtzeit
Around the world and at the Ohel, a time for reflection, learning and positive action
Laypeople, Scholars, Innovators at 12-Hour Marathon ‘Teach-In’
North America
‘One to One’ at New York Public Library aims to catalyze individual actions for good
Back in California, Woman Reflects on First Visit to Rebbe's Ohel
North America
A guest at the shluchos convention is proud to no longer have ‘to hide her religion’
‘Daily Wisdom’ From the Rebbe a Rich Addition to’s ‘Daily Study’ Section
Torah inspiration and teachings at the click of a mouse or tap of a finger
The Case of the Missing Tape and the Rebbe’s Rediscovered ‘Farbrengen’
A long-hoped-for discovery leads to the full restoration by JEM of the Chassidic gathering of July 14, 1981
When we see an occurrence that is utterly incomprehensible, we must say the truth, that the matter is utterly incomprehensible . . . and therefore we cry out!
Q&A: New Online Works Offer Insight Into the Rebbe’s Scholarship
A talk with two authors: Rabbi Yanki Tauber and Rabbi Eli Rubin
Biography of the Rebbe Hits ‘New York Times’ Best-Seller List
Sold out upon release, ‘Rebbe’ is well into its fourth printing and continues to garner wide interest.
New Book on the Rebbe Hits Major Best-Seller Lists
Biography resonates with people everywhere and sells out immediately
Q&A: Bringing to Light the ‘Teachings of the Rebbe’
JLI course creators discuss intricacies encapsulating the Rebbe’s philosophy and what they hope students take away from the experience
Israel Chief Rabbi Visits the Rebbe’s Resting Place on First Day of U.S. Visit
North America
Chief Rabbi David Lau is known for his ability to connect with diverse Jewish communities
Hundreds Gather at Yeshiva University for Insight on ‘The Rebbe and the Rav’
North America
Evening program highlights connections between “two superlatively remarkable Torah leaders”
Yeshiva University Program to Highlight ‘The Rebbe and the Rav’
North America
Scholars to assess the two leaders’ personal bond and lasting impact on Jewish life
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