A venerated professor once left the Rebbe's room after hours of deep discussion and all but accosted a group of Lubavitch Chassidim.

"Thieves!" he cried.

Shaken, the Chassidim politely inquired from the distinguished gentleman what exactly it was that they stole from him.

"The Rebbe!" said the man. "What right had you to make him your Rebbe? Such a man should belong to everyone, to the entire world!"

This site was built with that story in mind. Yes, he's our Rebbe, but we want him to be your Rebbe, too. We want you, too, to be touched by his love and enriched by his wisdom. We want you, too, to behold his vision of a world at peace with itself and its Creator.

Browse through our site. Familiarize yourself with the Rebbe's life, study his teachings. Then get in touch with your local Chabad-Lubavitch representative to continue your journey.

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