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The Backstory of the Chassidim Who Got Criminal Justice Reform Done
Inspired by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, a group saw prison reform through from proposal to law
Incarceration As a Modality of Punishment and Rehabilitation
A Torah Perspective
Under America’s criminal justice system, we have incarcerated more than two million of our fellow citizens in federal, state and county facilities. In contrast, the concept of prison does not appear anywhere in Judaism...
Recipe for Successful Behavior Modification
How do we identify the internal switches that operate the source of all actions, and do we have the mechanism to manipulate and control them?
Prison Juice
Imprisonment is a fate worse than death, out of which the truly righteous squeeze an elixir more potent than life
Prisoners, Families and Torah
Mitzvot for the incarcerated souls...in and out of prison
When Someone You Love Goes to Jail
The Aleph Institute: Reaching out to Jewish Prisoners
Sarah's husband had been sent to prison. Her emotional support, the father of her children and the family's breadwinner was now incarcerated as she was left in the pain of solitude.
Jews in Jail
Schapiro described many inmates who grew up in secular homes, or didn't know they were Jewish until late in life. Their first contact with Judaism came when they were locked up, and they longed to know more about their religion...
Spiritual Rehab
Retribution is very un-Jewish. For retribution leaves wounds in its wake. Rehabilitation is very Jewish. For rehabilitation cures and gives new life. This elemental idea is beautifully captured in a biblical passage discussing the treatment of gossipers.
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