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Of Hippies and Sheep
G‑d was looking for someone to lead His people. We know he chose Moses. The question is, why?
What Makes a Leader?
Reuben's descendents were destined to be the royalty of Israel. But alas, because of his shortcoming, that right was taken from him, and the kingship of Israel was transferred to Judah. But why Judah?
Four Teachings the Rebbe Gave Us to Live By
Extracts from the last discourse distributed by the Rebbe before his passing, distilled and elaborated
On a Tuesday night in February, 1992, the Rebbe stood for several hours at the front of the main synagogue at Chabad-Lubavitch World Headquarters.
"Oh, I did not know that you were thirsty!" cried Moses. He cradled the runaway kid in his arms and carried it to the flock...
Spirituality vs. Leadership
One moment of action, against nine years of prayer and fasting...
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