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A Window on Life
"One cannot banish a life for the sake of a life'' is a major principle of Torah law. A human life is of immeasurable, unqualifiable, infinite value.
Finding the Individuals Within the Community
One might have imagined that the Rebbe's standards for, and expectations from, his own followers might have declined, since his outreach extended to people entirely unaffiliated with Judaism.
Community & Individuality
Two lessons from a Torah scroll: the recognition that every individual is indispensible to the integrity of the communal whole; and the importance of the inviolable "white space" which distinguishes each one of us as a unique individual
High Holidays in Riga: Self and Community
After their wedding the couple moved to Berlin, where both pursued university studies; he in philosophy and science, she in German and mathematics.
Facing Reality
Sometimes it all seems so hopeless. You can feed a hungry child, yet millions more remain hungry. For every good deed you do, so many evil deeds are committed . . .
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