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America’s Mandate: Energy Independence – Part 1
11 Nissan, 5741 • April 15, 1981
“Evil will come from the north.” The Soviet Union is a clear manifestation of this prophecy. At the same time, G-d bestowed the United States with the mission and the moral and material might to counter this evil. To succeed, however, America must be free of economic pressure from immoral dictatorships. If we rely on them for oil, this nation’s strength and influence is compromised.
America’s Mandate: Energy Independence – Part 2
11 Nissan, 5741 • April 15, 1981
There is a solution to America’s energy crisis: Solar Energy. Solar technology requires far less time to develop than other energy sources. What can a small group of Jews accomplish by discussing this issue amongst themselves? Maimonides rules that even a single statement based on Torah, has the power to tip the scales for salvation. Past experiences have shown that issues discussed here, have reached Washington.
Partnership for a Jewish Environment
5 Cheshvan, 5752 • October 13, 1991
Much success in restoring the natural environment. I take you as a partner to spread Yiddishkeit all around you.
Fundraising Manifesto
Jewish Federations play a valiant role in the collection of funds for Jewish causes worldwide. With this comes the enormous responsibility of allocating the funds appropriately.
Light Unto the Nations: Part 1
19 Kislev: All the Way to the Top
After being freed from Russian prison on the 19th of Kislev, 1798, the Alter Rebbe wrote a letter describing the circumstances surrounding his liberation. It is striking to see how much emphasis he places on the impact his liberation had on the non-Jews of S. Petersburg.
Light Unto the Nations: Part 2
Greater Opportunity, Greater Responsibility
Maimonides rules that every Jew was commanded at Sinai to influence all of mankind to observe the Seven Noahide Laws. Therefore, even in a place where not a single Jew seems to live, you must do everything in your power to make that place more civilized, by promoting the observance of the Seven Noahide Laws.
Atomic Goodness
Video | 7:12
Atomic Goodness
10 Shevat, 5746 • January 20, 1986
It has recently been discovered how the most minute quantity of matter, an atom, can unleash the most immense power in nature. Although it can be used for destructive purposes, atomic energy can be harnessed for the good. By simply pressing a button, one can achieve immediate positive transformation across the globe.
Atomic Energy
Video | 4:04
Atomic Energy
Overwhelmed by mounting questions about his work in the rabbinate and Jewish outreach, as well as in his business, Rabbi David Lapin sought advice from the Rebbe.
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