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On Jewish Leadership
The verse states: “He gave his own bread to the destitute.” The Talmud explains that this refers to Moses giving the Torah to the Jewish people. But every word of the verse is precise:
A Shepherd of Israel
The definition of a true Jewish leader is not his lofty personal level, as the head and soul of the people. Rather, that he is able to descend and relate to “the body,” to each of his students and followers on their own level.
Sacrifice of the Great
On the 19th of Kislev 5559 (November 27, 1798) the founder of Chabad Chasidism was released from prison after being falsely accused of treason. A Jewish leader sacrifices his own standing to find every Jew in need of guidance and ensure that they receive it.
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Every person is expected to become a ‘ruler’ over his surroundings – to make it a proper dwelling place for G-d. At first, a person is ruler only over himself. Later, he becomes ‘ruler’ and leader of his family. Then he goes on to become a leader in his community and so on. At each stage he must accustom himself to place the new majority’s needs before the previous “individual’s” needs.
Leadership Despite Opposition
There are many similarities between Maimonides and the Alter Rebbe, the Founder of Chabad Chassidism. They both faced extreme opposition to their teachings, yet the opposition fell away. Eventually, their detractors became ardent disciples.
Comparative Study in Jewish Leadership
12 Tishrei, 5750 · October 11, 1989
Each Rebbe encompasses every Jew of his generation, but each also has a unique focus. We find many stories of the Rebbe Maharash’s unique accomplishments in bringing wayward souls back to G-d, and his ability to transform a Jew into a full-fledged Baal Teshuvah.
The Rebbe's Example
Personal reflections on the Rebbe’s approach to leadership
Joseph Telushkin reflects on what we can all learn and apply in our own lives from various stories about the Rebbe’s unique approach to leadership.
A Visionary in Our Time
The Exceptional Leadership of the Lubavitcher Rebbe
The past century has been fraught with unprecedented challenges facing our people, and it was precisely at this juncture that called for extraordinary leadership. Rabbi Yosef Y. Jacobson explores three central themes in the Rebbe’s visionary leadership. (Recorded at a tribute commemorating the Rebbe’s twentieth yahrtzeit at Park East Synagogue)
“He Created Leaders”
Chief Rabbi of Great Britain and the Commonwealth, Dr. Jonathan Sacks highlights some unique aspects of the Rebbe’s leadership.
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