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70 Years, 71 New Institutions
I have been asked: “Now that you’ve reached 70 years isn’t it time to slow down and enjoy some rest? The number of one’s years is irrelevant; the real question is: were those years utilized to the fullest? Every honest person knows he could have accomplished more in his youth, so now is the time to work with greater strength to double one’s achievements.
Keep Up the Good Work
On the occasion of his eightieth birthday, the Rebbe gives spirited advice to those approaching the age of retirement.
The Golden Years, Part 1: Non-Retirement
At an age when most people retire, the Rebbe initiated an unprecedented expansion of the Chabad Lubavitch movement, and called for seventy new institutions to open their doors. Here the Rebbe shares his thoughts on putting one’s golden years to use.
The Golden Years, Part 2: Making Every Moment Count
During a gathering in 1980 marking the passing of his father, Rabbi Levi Yitzchak Schneerson, the Rebbe announced that it was high time that seniors start using their time more productively. He went on to establish a network of institutions to help them do just that. It was called Kolel Tiferes Zkeinim, Levi Yitzchak.
Is It Human to Retire?
Video | 1:09:21
Is It Human to Retire?
Historic video of a farbrengen (chassidic gathering) marking the Rebbe’s 70th birthday in 1972
Revealing a glimpse of the wisdom that moves himself, the Rebbe addresses questions that go to the very core of the human experience: Why am I here? Why do I struggle? And more importantly—what am I capable of becoming?
Constant Growth
Video | 7:12
Constant Growth
The United States prides itself on its work ethic. Yet, somehow, it has cultivated the idea that one’s useful work life is over by age fifty or sixty. When one is no longer as strong and energetic, one is given the right to decrease in the activities relevant to his mission in life. The Torah instructs us that as long as we are alive, our mission is alive and we must do no less than previously.
Growing Older
Video | 18:41
Growing Older
A fresh perspective on aging and retirement
Can we get older and still be lovable? The Rebbe’s perspective on aging, and tips on how to age gracefully, positively and successfully.
Aging As Spiritual Completion
The Lubavitcher Rebbe's Critique of Retirement
Forget About It
Video | 2:05
Forget About It
“I don’t believe in retirement…strength comes from G-d Almighty." (Collage)
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