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Increase in Love
Video | 2:01
Increase in Love
US Senator Alfonse D’Amato visits the Rebbe shortly after the Crown Heights riots “Much success in all your endeavors for the peace and security of all the people of the United States. ‘Amato’ means ‘love’ in Italian. Proceed in your work with inner love, and the entire population of New York will respond to you and your colleagues with true love as well.”
Breaking Free of the Past
Religious Rights in Prison
June 23, 1991 · 11 Tammuz, 5751
When the prison officials makes it difficult for the Jewish inmates put on tefillin daily, to whom should the prisoners turn?
Keeping Brooklyn Safe
Mayor John Lindsay discusses crime with the Rebbe
New York City Mayor John Lindsay comes to visit the Rebbe in 770 to discuss crime and social issues in the Crown Heights community.
The Aleph Institute
May you merit to be an Aleph; a leader. But don’t stop at Aleph; move onto Beis, then Gimmel, until Taf.
Prisoners are People
While the modern legal system has prisons at the core of its establishment, the Torah never features prison as a form of punishment, even as a deterrent. This, because the idea of locking someone up is antithetical to the nature of humanity. According to the Torah, a person was put on this earth for a purpose. Withholding one’s ability to achieve that purpose is the most inhumane treatment he can possibly suffer.
Prison Reform Is a Jewish Value
Punitive incarceration robs people of their humanity and ability to be productive and live a meaningful life.
Worthy of Respect
Rabbi Sholom Ber Lipskar is executive director of the Aleph Institute, which services the religious needs of Jewish men and women in prison. In 1985, they brought a group of prisoners to spend a weekend in Crown Heights, where they attended the Rebbe’s Shabbos Farbrengen.
The Rebbe's Plan to Calm the Streets of New York
Jacob Worenklein, who was an intern at the office of the president of the New York City Council, recalls arranging a meeting between City Council President Francis X. Smith and the Rebbe at a time when New York City was facing a surge in crime. (1969)
Who’s Paying for Their Crime?
Allocating Valuable Resources to Serving Jews in Prison
How communities can determine the priority of helping incarcerated Jews. Keynote speech at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Jewish Prison Chaplains.
Bringing Chanukah Light to Prisoners
The Rebbe instructs Rabbi Shabsi Katz, chief Jewish chaplain for South Africa’s prison system, to brighten the lives of prisoners incarcerated in South Africa.
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