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Ten Mitzvah Campaigns
It is the responsibility of every Jew to bring others close to Torah and Mitzvos. The Ten Mitzvah Campaigns form the basis for this effort. But they all begin with the Mitzvah of Ahavas Yisroel – to love one’s fellow Jew. When we reach out to others with love, then both we and those we reach are deeply inspired to strengthen the observance of all Mitzvos.
The Common Thread
Video | 5:55
The Common Thread
Through the years of the Rebbe’s leadership, he launched a total of ten campaigns which encouraged and promoted the observance of various commandments. Each campaign had a clear and obvious mission, yet the Campaign of Ahavas Yisrael -- love of one’s fellow, had not been clearly defined. Here the Rebbe explains why.
Only Loving Words
Video | 6:45
Only Loving Words
20 Menachem Av, 5746 • August 25, 1986
In the course of our spiritual development we may sometimes experience a pause in our personal growth. One can advance only so far before facing the boundaries of human limitation. But by humbling oneself, one becomes a vessel – able to receive G-d’s infinite blessings which uplift one to new spiritual heights.
Love and Unity, the Best Medicine
The Rebbe speaks from his office, two nights after suffering a massive heart attack: For certain reasons this talk was delayed until after the Festival... It is, however, being heard now even by fellow Jews who are distant physically, but close spiritually – for the spiritual is what Jews consider most important, especially when this unity is forged through Torah.
Hashem’s Presence, through Love
11 Nissan, 5742 • April 4, 1982
Even after a week of consecration for the Holy Tabernacle, the Jews still did not merit for G-d Himself to consecrate the Tabernacle. Only when Aaron brought his sacrifice on the eighth day, did G-d finally manifest His awesome Glory. The sages teach: “Be a student of Aaron: love peace, pursue peace, love all creatures, and bring them close to Torah.” These virtues of Aaron accomplished more than all the Seven Days of Consecration.
Unconditional Love
Someone once asked my father-in-law, the Rebbe: “Jewish Law describes certain types of Jews that one should shun. Why, then, do you treat all Jews equaly with love?”
Bonds of Love
Video | 6:39
Bonds of Love
Our sages teach that the Holy Temple was destroyed because of the baseless hatred that Jews harbored towards one another. It follows then, that rectifying that problem will be the catalyst for rebuilding it. And Speedily.
Love Your Fellow As Your Fellow Needs
The mitzvah to “love your fellow as yourself” raises a dilemma. What should you do when your needs are different from your friend’s? If you are thirsty while your friend is hungry, it would be un-loving to offer him a drink instead of food. If you have time for Torah study while your friend is struggling to make ends meet, it is wrong to help him learn Torah but ignore his need for help earning a livelihood.
Two Prayers for World Peace
To counter escalating conflicts in the world, the Rebbe requests that all Jews add in prayer for world peace and tranquility: It is crucial for all Jews, without exception, to begin their daily prayers by declaring, “I hereby accept upon myself the Mitzvah to ‘Love your fellow as yourself.’” This not only prevents quarreling in general; it will bring an end to the exile, itself caused by a lack of love for others. (19 Kislev, 5744 • November 24, 1983)
Creatures of Holiness
The Sages instruct us in Ethics of Our Fathers: “Be of the disciples of Aaron the High Priest.” Aaron was the holiest Jew. Yet, which of his qualities do the Sages instruct us to emulate? “Love peace and pursue peace; love all creatures and draw them close to Torah.”
Video | 6:20
18 Iyar, 5743 · May 1, 1983
The Talmud tells us that 24,000 students of Rabbi Akiva died because “they did not treat one another with respect.” But the plague ended on Lag BaOmer, which means they had remedied their actions and began to treat each other with the appropriate level of esteem.
Parade of Good
Video | 6:59
Parade of Good
Lag BaOmer, 5750 • May 13, 1990
Torah instructs Jewish children: If you see another person who is in need, whether spiritually or physically, reach out to him with love and help him get free of his predicament. Then proceed together, growing from each other’s successes.
“To Love a Fellow Jew”
Chassidim join together in singing the Jewish children’s classic “To Love a Fellow Jew” as the Rebbe distributes wine at the conclusion of Passover.
Love that Knows No Barriers
circa 1942
Rabbi Dovid Edelman was a student at 770 during the 1940s. One night, the Rebbe came out from the study of his father-in-law, the Previous Rebbe, with a fundamental lesson in loving one’s fellow Jew.
The ABCs of Love
Video | 3:06
The ABCs of Love
Rabbi Yehuda Leib Posner studied at 770 during the 1940s. In March 1948, he was sent out by Merkos L’inyonei Chinuch to travel through small American towns disseminating Jewish outreach material.
Completely Unwarranted Love
The Sages teach that the Holy Temple was destroyed on account of unwarranted hatred, and will be rebuilt through unwarranted love. Rabbi Pinchas Weberman recalls a private audience in 1973 where the Rebbe explained just how literal this teaching is.
Teach Every Jew to Love Their Fellow
17 Tevet, 5750 • January 14, 1990
Lelover Chassidim were well-known for their exceptional love for fellow Jews. You must teach all Jews, non-observant and observant alike, to have great love for one-another.
Increasing Love
Video | 1:27
Increasing Love
2 Cheshvan, 5751 • October 21, 1990
“D’Amato,” in Italian, means that you are permeated with love for the people around you. Lubavitch means ‘City of Love.’ We must go from strength to strength in all things and in a way which is permeated with love for all people.
Bringing Jews Closer through Love
27 Tevet, 5751 • January 13, 1991
Chabad Chassidim have always been working with Russian Jewry. Even under communism they drew Russian Jews close to Torah with love. Now that Jews are free to leave Russia, many have gone to Israel instead of other countries because they were encouraged by Chabad Chassidim.
Spread the Love
Video | 1:40
Spread the Love
The Lelov dynasty is renowned as lovers of Israel. Give this to charity in the Holy Land, and may you merit to bring good tidings for all of Israel. (Collage)
The Mitzvah Campaign of Ahavat Yisrael
The mitzvah to love your fellow Jew is a central principle in the Torah. How can we realistically define this seemingly elusive mitzvah, and what practically is intended with turning it into a campaign?
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