During the course of more than four decades, the Rebbe would write michtavim klaliim (communal letters), addressed to “to all sons and daughters of Israel, wherever they may be.”

Released in English, Hebrew Yiddish, and Russian, well as other languages, they are applicable and relatable to every Jew in every situation.

Each word of these letters is rich with meaning and laden with nuance and scholarship. Some of this is seen in the copious footnotes, which quote from across a wide swath of Jewish texts, including the writings of every Chabad rebbe.

In the letters, which could run through several pages, the Rebbe points out unique aspects of the holiday and relates them to the challenges and triumphs of each and every one of his readers, showing how every detail is significant and every part of lives forms an integral part of the Divine plan.

They were originally issued twice a year, before Passover and Rosh Hashanah. With time, they became more frequent.

The letters would be sent to individuals and also republished in newspapers and other media all over the world—ensuring that as many as possible would benefit from the Rebbe’s guidance and message as it pertained to that season.