By the Grace of G‑d
In the Days of Preparation1
to the Season of the Giving of our Torah,2
5743. Brooklyn, N.Y.

To the Sons and Daughters of
Our People Israel, Everywhere

G‑d bless you all!

Greeting and Blessing:

In these auspicious days,3 certainly everyone will utilize these days that are designated for additional preparation for receiving the Torah, to prepare additionally well and with extra vigor in anticipation of the great day—“The day when you stood before the L‑rd, your G‑d, at Chorev”4 to receive the eternal Torah which shall never be substituted.5

Explore and consider how our ancestors prepared in the lead up to this day, beginning from that dramatic day when our Teacher Moshe received the news that “When you will lead the people out of Egypt, you will worship G‑d on this Mount,”6 meaning, that the Giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai was the ultimate goal7 of Yetzias Mitzrayim, from bondage to freedom, to be servants of HaShem and not servants of servants,8 including, not servants of “the strange god9 (the yetzer hara) that is within you”—which only this constitutes true and complete freedom;

And it goes without saying, that all the signs and miracles that they witnessed in Egypt and on the sea, which were in a manner of “affliction for Egypt,10 and healing for Israel,”11 amazed and directed their minds and hearts to their Father in Heaven with love and awe, “just as water mirrors a face to a face,” as the Alter Rebbe marvels about this topic in his book, the sacred Tanya,12 using the well-known parable of a great and mighty king who displays his great and intense love for a commoner, etc.

And immediately on the morrow of leaving Egypt with an “upraised arm,”13 —they began to count the days and weeks14 longingly,15 desirously, and thirstily for that auspicious day upon which G‑d would descend on Mount Sinai before their eyes and give them His hidden treasure.16 And they ascended in holiness from day to day in preparation for this event, all based on the guidance (and encouragement, urging and assistance) of Moshe Rabbeinu, the Shepherd of Israel, the Faithful Shepherd from his time until this very day,17

And meanwhile, the Holy One, blessed is He, further astounded His kindness and fed them “bread from the heavens” (Manna) and extracted for them (and gave them to drink) water from a rock (the Well of Miriam), and accommodated them and encircled them in the Clouds of Glory,18 and took them through the desert—far from all the vanities of this world, etc.—

And after all these preparations and more, it was not enough, and when they reached three days before the giving of the Torah, they still needed to add an additional preparation—in the Shloshes Yemei Hagbalah, the Three Days of Preparation—to ascend to the highest level, in order to receive the Torah, HaShem’s Torah, with joy and pnimius (inwardness).

From this is understood, and all the more so, how the endeavor and preparation must be in our times to receive the Torah, the same Torah that was given at Mount Sinai.

Yet since our Torah, the Torah of Truth, states that the Holy One, blessed is He only demands that which is in man’s capability19 (and not beyond his capabilities), He has definitely given every individual all the capabilities and everything necessary so that when the Days of Preparation and the Festival of the Giving of Our Torah arrive, man will fulfill and accomplish all of this (and do so completely, as is the will of the Giver of the Torah), and what is incumbent upon the individual is merely to bring it from the potential to the actual.

And Scripture has said, “The L‑rd will give strength to His people”20 (and a verse always maintains its simple meaning21 ), and our Sages, of blessed memory, explained22 and interpreted that “strength” here refers uniquely to the Torah—meaning, that even before Mattan Torah, the ability and strength have been granted to receive and fulfill it, and to do so completely.23

The Three Days of Preparation and the Festival of the Giving of our Torah indeed come once a year,24 but there is a small-scale version of this preparation25 and of Mattan Torah every day.26 As is known the explanation of the precise wording of the conclusion of Birchas HaTorah—recited in the Morning Blessings each day and likewise when receiving an Aliyah to the Torah—is Nosein HaTorah, Giver of the Torah, in the present tense,27 meaning, that each day the Torah is given anew, which automatically means that a preparation for this is also necessary, and indeed our Sages have said and instructed, “Every day they should be (as) new28 in your eyes.”

This is similar to “When you will lead the people out of Egypt”—the holiday of Pesach, the Season of our Freedom, wherein the yearly remembrance of Yetzias Mitzrayim is on the holiday of Pesach, and particularly, at its start, and in addition to this there is an obligation to remember Yetzias Mitzrayim every day, twice a day (“to include the nights”)29 —and the yearly remembrance (in the manner of every remembrance in the Torah—“remembered and done”30 ) is what brings additional vitality and light into the daily remembrance,

Likewise with regard to the yearly (“once a year”) Giving of the Torah and the Receiving of the Torah (and the Days of Preparation) in the third month—and from them a great influx flows and adds vitality and light in the fulfillment of the directive “they shall be (as) new in your eyes”—each and every day, throughout the duration of the day.

* * *

May G‑d grant that each and every individual will complete all the preparations, and specifically in the Days of Preparation, and until the conclusion of the seven perfected weeks,31 and they shall receive the Torah with joy and pnimius at the Season of the Giving of Our Torah,

And in the manner described, that it shall be drawn down and affect every single day of the entire year,

And in the immediate future will be fulfilled the promise: “Arise O G‑d, judge the earth (with the judgment of our Torah, which is Divine judgment—‘judgment is compassion’32 ), for You possess (rule) all the nations”33 —and as is written, “For then I will transform the nations to all call in HaShem’s Name, and serve Him with one consent,”34

With the true and complete Geulo through our righteous Moshiach.

With esteem and with blessing for success in all
the aforementioned, and with blessing for a joyous
holiday of Shavuos, and to receive the Torah with joy
and pnimius,