By the Grace of G‑d
In proximity to Purim, 5736
Brooklyn, N.Y.

To Jewish Students
G‑d bless you all!

Greeting and Blessing:

At this time, in proximity of Purim, you have surely given much thought to the story of Purim, as related in the Megillah (the Book of Esther). This is just a reminder about the special significance of this festival for Jewish children and youths in all parts of the world.

The Megillah relates how the wicked Haman rose to power and planned to destroy all the Jews, young and old, infants and women, that lived in all the lands of King Ahasuerus. It also tells how things turned out eventually, with Haman being hanged on the gallows he had prepared for Mordechai, the decree abolished, the complete change of the situation from one extreme to the other, which made these days into days of joy and festivity.

Our Sages of blessed memory relate the details of how it happened:

Mordechai and Esther, who knew what was happening, called upon all the Jews to fast and pray and return to G‑d, to His Torah and His Mitzvos. And after Mordechai gathered thousands upon thousands of Jewish children and taught them Torah, and inspired their hearts with love of G‑d and love of the Torah to the point of Mesiras Nefesh (supreme self-sacrifice)—then G‑d annulled the decree and made Esther’s efforts successful, so that “For the Jews there was light, joy, gladness, and honor.”

Thus, the Miracle of Purim mainly came about through the merit of the Jewish children and youths!

One of the reasons why the Torah tells us these details—is to let everybody know, and everywhere and at all times (for the Torah is eternal) how great is the power of Jewish children who walk in the way of the Torah and Mitzvos to influence the fate of our people everywhere.

Each and every Jewish boy and girl, wherever they are, who learn Torah and do Mitzvos, add strength and power to all Jews everywhere

Unfortunately, there still are many “Hamans” in various parts of the world who want to carry out the intention of that wicked Haman. But we are one people, though scattered and spread among the nations; yet our Laws are different from those of any other people, ours being the law of our Torah and its Mitzvos, which is our life and the length of our days, that gives us the ability and strength to triumph over all our enemies.

Each and every Jewish boy and girl, wherever they are, who learn Torah and do Mitzvos, add strength and power to all Jews everywhere—including, especially, in those countries where our enemies do not permit to teach Torah to Jewish children and youths, and to fulfill the Mitzvos. How fortunate you are that you are not in such a plight, G‑d forbid, and that you can learn Torah diligently and fulfill the Mitzvos to perfection, and it only depends on yourselves and your will!

Dear children: Learn more Torah and increase your efforts in doing Mitzvos, and G‑d’s blessing will be with you and all your near and dear members of your family, may they prosper.

And in your Zechus (merit), all our people will benefit and will achieve, in the words of the Megillah: “For the Jews there was light, joy, gladness and honor”—so be it for us and for all Jews.

With love and with blessing

for a Joyous Purim,

/ Signed: Menachem Schneerson /